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Szarvasi Alternatív Bt

Welcome to our website

Address: 5540 Szarvas Hunyadi János utca 22



Opening hours: weekdays from 7.30 am until 11.30 and from 12.30 until 16. On Saturday, from 8 to 12.


-Peter Vajda High School's student hostel mechanical renovation

-ÁFÉSZ Furniture Store heating installation

-Csabacsűd kindergarten water and heating installation

-Plumbing works Lauder Camp

-Medicago Kft site gas supply

-Social buildings building engineering installation:

   -Szarvas Bethlen G.u. 27


   -Csabacsűd Petőfi u.

-Gallicoop Brooder building engineering installation

-Lots of private house gas supply and central heating planning and construction

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